Review of ACK Valmiki Ramayana

The new Ramayana of Amarachitra Kathe is very good. Beautiful illustrations and very good narration of inner stories of Ramayana. Just like original Valmiki Ramayana it does not conclude things and present them as is ( for example, the atrocities of Asamanjasa, The excavations done by Sagara’s sons destroying the earth, and the misdeeds of Indra). The story of Vishwamitra which he himself narrates in front of koushiki river is also in the book. The sanskrit shlokas “Maa Nishaada” is mentioned inline, the key take away of this shloka – which was in our sanskrit lesson in 9th standard – “Shlokaha Shokatwam Aagataha” is also mentioned. 

The story of Rishyashringa also is present.
So all in all a good feeling after reading the Balakanda.

However at all places Yagna is mentioned as Yagya which in fact is a wrong pronounciation in Hindi. I did not like that in an english book. They should have kept it as Yagna as in the original Sanskrit text.


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