Essence of NAP in one Sanskrit Verse

There is a well known Sanskrit Subhashita,

“Vidya Dadathi Vinayam Vinayath Yaati Patratam”
“Patratwath Dhanamaapnothi Dhanath Dharma Thathaha Sukham”

Lets analyze what it means in two steps:

“Vidya Dadathi Vinayam” : Knowledge gives you humbleness.

“Vinayath Yaati Patratam”: Knowledge coupled with humbleness makes you capable.

“Patratwath Dhanamaapnothi” : Capability makes you rich.

“Dhanath Dharma Thathaha Sukham” : From richness, you restore righteousness and with that you get happiness.


Lets check this cause-effect relationship from bottom to top.
Ultimate goal of human being is to be happy(Sukham). Happiness prevails when people are righteous (Dharma). People can follow Dharma without fail only when they are not Poor (Dhana). Money comes to people who are capable (Patratham). Capability comes from knowledge(Vidhya) coupled with “respect to liberty” (Vinayam).

Is this not what classical liberalism teaches? Gain knowledge, respect liberty, be capable and earn money, follow righteousness and happiness follows you !!

Moreover with such a society there is no need of a King…no need of democracy either, people can just live happily.

Is this not “anarcho-capitalism” – the ideal liberal economy whose  basic tenet is Non Aggression Principle (NAP)?


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